Telecom Case Studies 2

Telecom Case Studies 2



Image and Positioning Tracking and Positioning Engineering in the mobile telephony market in Brazil, Mexico and Spain

Situation and main objectives: The client requires real-time knowledge and understanding of the image and relative positioning of the leading mobile phone brands.

Methodology: With regard to quality, research techniques were used to interact with consumers in their usual environment, making it possible to discover important insights for determining brands’ images.

During the second phase, statistical techniques were used to ascertain brand image.

Based on the insights obtained, image and positioning territories and concepts were defined. These later helped to forge links with consumers through communication.

To guarantee winning solutions (in communication terms), simulation tools were developed that made it possible to indicate the positioning of the brand with each of the messages to be communicated.


  • Identification of unfilled market niches at which to aim the client’s communication strategy.
  • Design of a short and medium-term communication strategy and implementation of the changes required to optimise it over time by detecting those image attributes on which to focus.