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What does the pharmacist value about the commercial activity that consumer healthcare laboratories do in their pharmacy?

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The pharmacists they approve with notable (7.5/10) the apromotional activity carried out by Consumer Healthcare laboratories The most satisfactory aspects on a general level being: the sales representatives, the purchasing/order management process and the laboratory's product offering. These are some of the conclusions obtained after carrying out various market studies of more than 600 pharmacists nationwide by the consulting firm. Hamilton Global Intelligence.
What are the Best Practices of CHC laboratories in the pharmacy office?
The sales representatives In pharmacies they carry out the visit very well: their friendliness, level of knowledge of the products, communication skills and level of involvement are aspects highly valued by the pharmacist.
In it purchasing process and order management The items that generate the greatest satisfaction are the punctuality of deliveries, the expiration of the products and the degree of speed and agility in addressing emergencies and incidents with the products.
The product offer of the laboratories is valued positively in terms of quality-price ratio, level of innovation and volume of new launches.
But... what do CHC laboratories in the pharmacy need to improve?
The commercial conditions have been, are and will be the point of dissonance in the laboratory-pharmacist relationship. The aspects that need to be prioritized are: special offers, discounts and the minimum amount to place a direct order. The Support actions at the point of sale and Product advertising actions These are aspects with less satisfaction, although it should also be noted that they are not such aspects. priority for pharmacists like the rest.
What is the role of the pharmacist today?
In Consumer Healthcare, the pharmacist is the great prescriber: the 30% of purchases at the pharmacy are made based on his recommendation (10 points above the doctor's) based on more than 7,000 responses from buyers of Consumer Healthcare categories sold in pharmacies and parapharmacy. The pharmacist projects a role of trust and security for the consumer and patient, becoming their great ally in doubts related to day-to-day health, well-being and prevention.
Therefore, we find ourselves facing a self-care market that is growing month by month, with a pharmacist who has a very important role as a prescriber and who, today, believes that there are points for improvement in his relationship with the laboratory.
Philip Kotler defines satisfaction as 'the level of a person's mood that results from comparing the perceived performance of a product or service with its expectations‘:
Perceived Performance – Expectations = Satisfaction Level
  • He performance It refers to the performance that the pharmacist considers to have obtained after his relationship with the laboratory.
  • The expectations They are the 'hopes' that are produced by the effect of one or more of the following situations: promises made by the laboratory about possible benefits of the product and/or service, experiences in previous purchases, opinions from the environment (other pharmacists, experts, etc. .) or promises offered by other competing laboratories. The laboratory must be careful to establish the optimal level of expectations to generate for the pharmacist; It is important not to fall short or exceed what will be reality later.
If we manage to have a satisfied pharmacist we will be able to increase your recommendation indexTherefore, it is important to analyze what the pharmacist values and expects from the promotional activity of our laboratory and channel efforts to those actions that will generate greater satisfaction and turn it into a faithful prescribing apostle.
Jennifer Varon
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