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We are a market research and intelligence consultancy with extensive international and multi-sector experience. We are specialists in helping companies obtain, structure and analyze information and propose marketing and business solutions based on research, from a global vision of the process and a strategic perspective of the market. 

Our purpose is to understand people anywhere in the world to help our clients make the best business decisions, being able to help companies in the construction and sustainable growth of their brands.

We transform relevant information into knowledge.

We provide intelligent, useful and practical information for decision making. Our main objective is to provide strategic reflection from knowledge management and market and data analysis.






The values that we as consumers demand from our brands we also demand from ourselves and from each of our stakeholders in a relational environment.


A team of multidisciplinary talent that is passionate about market research, business intelligence and consumer behavior. From data to insights in a universe of researchers specializing in data science, statistics, psychology, ethnography, sociology, economics, trends and design.

We are motivated by curiosity, creativity, flexibility, adaptation to change, rigor and analytical speed. Whether through the objective rationality of data or the emotionality of connecting brands, consumers and society in what we like to call the triangle of empathy.

We observe, ask, listen, dialogue and analyze with the best possible aptitude and attitude. Always based on excellence, enthusiasm and the desire to contribute the best of our team to your company or brand.

Do you want to work with us? Do you want to develop your professional career in Hamilton? Send your CV to and we will be happy to review your request.

We base our work on


Purposes for the search for excellence


Strategy as mission, result as vision

Committed to a global vision of the market, a team involved in a continuous process of innovation and close to the real situation of each client. With extensive experience in various sectors, it allows us to approach each project and need from a strategic perspective with a focus on the useful and practical reading of the desired results.


Custom Solutions

Our solutions are adapted to the exact measurements of our clients. “What you need in the right measure.”


Methodological innovation

From the rigor and absolute solvency that has always characterized us, we apply and evolve with the most advanced multivariable statistical techniques, as well as with qualitative methodologies adapted to a consumer in constant evolution and in a digital environment.


Client Centricity

We put our client at the center of the decisions and process, directing any element of our organization to the complete satisfaction of the interaction with our clients.


Exponential Servitization

In a global world, our 24/7/365 concept in its maximum dimension. We are at your absolute disposal when you need us.


Desing and creativity

We provide a methodological design and the necessary creativity in the process and the final result.


Process Facilitators

An implication that goes beyond data or insight, we help in the implementation of solutions, always oriented to the business result.


Human Powered

We firmly believe that in the era where the consumer has gained more prominence than ever, it is essential to understand that brands must generate a purpose, values and a social commitment that defines the emotional bond with the consumer, with a human being.


Digital transformation

We implement behavioral solutions in digital environments applying data collection technology and consumer relational models.


The speed of change

In fast times we have to do everything quickly and well, adapting to a changing environment in an agile way.

Experts in market intelligence and consumer research

Specialists in exploring and knowing the consumer

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