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Qualitative Market research – Brand Image and Market Landscape analysis

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An engineering and construction for life sciences and health enterprise came to us with the following research objectives:

  1. Understanding and analyzing client views and opinions on the market.
  2. Mapping out the customer journey and the decision-making process when selecting vendors
  3. Defining the competition landscape and the perception of the players in the market.
  4. Probing into the image of the company, its attributes, and values

Given this research profile, we embarked on the qualitative research with in-depth interviews in the United States, Spain, Mexico, Germany, France, Ireland, and India to grasp on the best possible overall context regarding the enterprise.

Market Landscape research findings:

  • Considering this was during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many companies have been directly or indirectly involved in the production of vaccines.
  • Basic supply of the raw materials had been affected.
  • The routine at the work sites had been affected as a direct consequence of new restrictions and working from home.
  • The main criteria to segment the market is
    product specialization.
  • Geographical location and ‘scope of the company’ (size and ability to provide full-package solutions) are also mentioned as secondary criteria to segment the market.

Brand Image research findings:

  • Communication: Positive attitude and approach
  • Unknown portfolio: The image of products and services are not clear.
  • Perceived to have a lack of resources in order to deliver a top response.

Given the previously explained findings, the enterprise had a clear outlook into their weaknesses within the landscape, image and the customer journey considering the stakeholders and companies relevant to their sector.

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