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Production and annual monitoring a ranking of Spanish-speaking online higher education institutions


There are many general rankings on the market that rank and promote attendance-based higher education institutions globally in order to individually highlight them according to different aspects, such as the quality of research, infrastructure, number of courses taught and the quality of teaching, among others. But until now, there has been no ranking exclusively for online higher education institutions with an objective and reliable methodology, since the same criteria for attendance-based education cannot be applied to this type of education. For this reason, the ‘ranking of online higher education institutions’ project was born with the aim of creating the first ranking of the best higher education institutions offering Spanish-speaking online education, since online higher education needs to be positioned as an advanced level of education.


The project was carried out with different phases. In the first phase, all existing online and offline rankings were studied and experts and leaders in higher education were interviewed both in person and online (in Spanish and English). As a second phase, we invited different institutions to participate in the ranking. As a final phase, the results of two information sources were analysed: data from the network and interviews, and a ranking was produced with the main KPIs, which is updated every year.


For institutions, the ranking helps give the institution’s programme greater visibility.

For students looking for a good online education in Spanish, it helps them to choose the institution for their online studies.

FSO ranking:

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