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What are insights and how to obtain the right ones for your industry.

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Why talk about insights?

Insights have become increasingly important in market research and communication. Brands have embraced insights to connect with consumers through emotional sensations and messages. Whether in retail, shopping malls, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, Petcare, or FMCG, our expertise delivers personalized and high-quality research.

In today’s saturated market, we often wonder what motivates us to choose a product or brand. Our decisions are often driven by unconscious motivations, even though we may provide logical and rational answers. Brands now seek emotional loyalty and differentiation through feelings. Emotions have become the primary concern for companies, driving marketing efforts to explore and define new spaces.

In this context, insights emerge as a crucial tool to deeply understand consumers. Brands increasingly strive to discover insights among consumers and explore ways to reach them.

Techniques for obtaining the right insights for your company

By applying qualitative techniques and specialized tools like Design Thinking, Semiotic Analytics, Ethnographic Immersion, and Jobs to be Done, we equip brands with the necessary tools to gain profound customer understanding and generate effective strategies.

Tools for qualitative and quantitative techniques

  • We employ ethnography and our digital platform, LifeShare, to immerse ourselves in consumers’ daily lives, uncovering their deepest needs, desires, and behaviors.
  • We utilize Design Thinking to apply this innovative approach to drive innovation processes, resulting in user-centered and creative solutions.
  • We delve into the world of semiotic analysis, interpreting cultural signs and symbols to understand consumer perception and design effective communication strategies

Discover how the Jobs to be Done methodology helps us understand consumers’ fundamental needs and design products and services that uniquely fulfill those needs. Explore how our solutions and tools, including Design Thinking, semiotic analysis, ethnographic immersion, and the Jobs to be Done methodology, can provide differential and relevant insights for your brand.

Contact us, a reliable and expert global market research agency in Spain, to discover how we can help you achieve your business objectives.

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