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Image Tracking and Positioning and Positioning Engineering of the mobile telephone market in Brazil, Mexico and Spain. 


The client requires knowledge and understanding in real time of the image and relative positioning of the main mobile phone brands. 



Phase 01

From a qualitative perspective, research techniques were used to interact with consumers in their usual context, allowing us to discover insights relevant to find the image of the brands. 

Phase 02

In a second stage, statistical techniques were used to understand the brand image.

Based on the insights obtained, territories and axes of image and positioning were defined that subsequently helped the connection with the consumer through communication. 

To ensure winning solutions (in terms of communication), simulation tools were developed that allowed simulating the positioning of the brand with each of the messages to communicate. 


Detection of uncovered market niches where to focus our client's communication strategy. 

Design of the communication strategy in the short and medium term and implementation of the necessary changes to optimize it over time, detecting those image attributes to focus on. 

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