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SIDI: Integrated Dynamic Information System


The Management of a Shopping Center of a GLA of 60,000 m2 and located in one of the largest cities in Spain, considers the need to look for an information obtaining system that allows it to take the pulse of the progress of its center in a manner , holistic, dynamic throughout the year and compared to its competitive environment.



Macro-Environment Analysis


Analysis of the characteristics of the surrounding population through Secondary Sources.


Analysis of population consumption trends using an online consumer panel. Segmentation and extraction of consumer/lifestyle typologies.


Analysis of the Shopping Center itself


Shopping center visitor profile tracking (3 waves). Segmentation and typologization of the buyer in it.


Analysis of the resident of the area of influence and their relationship with the shopping center.


Qualitative analysis of the perception and sequence of the visit experience at the center.



Measure and define the potential of the resident public of the area of influence with respect to other geographical areas of the city and obtain the main consumption trends.

Identify the consumption habits of the macroenvironment (volume of purchases, types of establishments, evolution of the type of products purchased,...), obtaining 5 types of segments based on these habits and lifestyle.

Volume and composition of these segments in comparison with those of the center's clients, in order to plan actions that allow attracting the most profitable and least impacted targets.

Optimization of the visit experience of the most profitable targets.

Determine the evolution of the weight of these segments and the center's customer profile throughout the year, in order to prevent, predict behavior and act accordingly (marketing, commercialization,...).

Establish the evolution of the center in its area of attraction and establish the bases of the marketing strategy to follow.

Obtaining the main levers and keys that trigger the preference of the shopping center over its competition.

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