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Communication and Media


Reinvention of the brand and attracting new consumers for a communication agency


The communication agency sought to carry out a study that would help its client reinvent its brand and thus attract new consumers, which despite being a market leader with its cookie brand, had a static and little modernized image. 



A process was carried out with different stages based on qualitative and quantitative techniques that helped the agency, through the detection of insights of product and communication, to work on new positionings with the potential to launch on the market. 


New brand positioning creating a new consumer concept. 

Extension of the product portfolio beyond the traditional, helping the brand to revolutionize the category 

Launch of new products, which allowed the end client to attract new consumers, which saw its market share increase in the short term. 

Launch of a new communication campaign on Television with very positive results, demonstrating that insights detected and worked on by Hamilton connected with the consumer and their new needs.

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