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Diagnostic study on the Shopping Centers market in Spain

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Hamilton Retail, in collaboration with the magazine CENTROS COMERCIALES, has carried out a diagnostic study on the Shopping Center market in Spain from the point of view of investors, owners and asset managers. The objective has been to obtain the opinion of a panel of experts on the change in trend that is occurring in our sector, in order to contribute to its revitalization, carrying out a qualitative diagnosis of said reality.

Under no circumstances will specific content be associated with a specific collaborator, both for confidentiality and methodological reasons. In qualitative analysis there is an essential paradigm that comes from the Gestalt School, a reference in the study of human perception: 'The whole is more than the sum of the parts'. In this context, this research is inscribed, which, beyond percentages and figures, delves into the emotional dimension, attitudes, motivations, expectations and trends in the Shopping Center sector, and which has broadly The aim was to delve into the knowledge and perceptions that these managers have on, among others, the following points: current situation of the sector, Spain as a destination for investors, the sector in the face of the crisis and looking to the future.

With all this information, the aim has been to make a diagnosis that can serve as a stimulus for all the professionals who carry out their work in this sector that, after going through a long crisis, presents positive expectations, reinvention, creativity and enthusiasm that have not been experienced. previously. We can summarize the general feeling of the sector in a famous quote from Albert Einstein, which summarizes what we have tried to explain: 'If you are looking for different results, don't always do the same thing.' 
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