U&A and buyer behaviour


Our client needed to gain in-depth knowledge of the buyer’s behaviour in the pharmacy, understanding the whole purchase process, from the source of the need to the decision to buy and rebuy, and quantifying the decision tree of the category.


Qualitative study to understand consumer behaviour in the category and the associated missions. In this phase we also studied the pharmacist target in order to examine the drivers and recommendation tree of sales brands in the pharmacy channel.
A combination of traditional qualitative techniques was used together with ethnography and eye tracking.

In a second phase we used multivariate statistical techniques to define the buyer’s decision tree and to get a real picture of the purchase decision process before and during the visit to the point of sale.


Redefined future strategies in the category and attracted new users.

Redistributed the products in the pharmacy and optimised its investment in communications.

Optimised and trained the sales network during the visit to the pharmacy.

Increased media presence by launching advertising campaigns that increased brand awareness and, secondarily, market share.