Identify actionable insights to attract new students to business schools


Our client needed to examine the main motivations and barriers to choosing each master’s programme with the final goal of defining best practices in the competitive environment and to establish the key insights to attract new students.


To this end, qualitative longitudinal research was carried out in several phases. In the first phase, in-depth interviews were conducted with the aim of determining why this master’s course and business school was chosen, the motivations and barriers during the process, current details of the master’s course (student profile, types of classes, work method, etc.) as well as establishing the necessary guidelines for gathering all the necessary information on the programmes. Contacts were then made to define a 360º analysis of all the information.


Insights were identified which became key messages that helped the business school to focus their sales strategy, allowing it to attract new students.

Marketing strategies were carried out to provide and create value to the master’s course in question.

The best and bad practices of the sales/marketing process of the master’s course were identified and their improvement helped to increase student recruitment levels.