Model Creation (KDA): Customer Journey Map & Brand Rating


A wide portfolio of shopping centres wants to build a model based on the optimal experience of visiting a shopping centre (Customer Journey Map) by analysing each of the stages, interactions, channels and elements (touchpoints) that a customer goes through from the beginning to the end of the service offered by the centre, as well as defining the factors that determine the value of its brand.

A model that allows resources to be optimally invested, both before opening a shopping centre, as well as in the renovations to be carried out or in the normal running of its management, which can be implemented ad-hoc to the reality of each centre and over time, as well as providing value to the different aspects that interact with the brand (communication, commercial mix, etc.).


Phase 01

Co-Creation Workshop

Joint work between the client’s team (including managers, retailers, architects, marketing, operators, etc.) and Hamilton to define the attributes to be taken into account at each touchpoint when deciding to visit a shopping centre.

With this we managed to align expectations to then be analysed and to involve and include all the people in the project.

Phase 02

Create a model that helps to quantify the key factors ad-hoc

Quantify the image attributes of each of the previous touchpoints to identify which attributes are the most important and have the greatest importance in generating the factor. Key Driver Analysis (KDA).

Phase 03

Implement and adapt to the reality of each shopping centre.

Apply the model to the reality of the shopping centre in order to establish the aspects that may need a greater/lower investment according to the levels of satisfaction that it currently generates among its customers and over time.


Define the portfolio of product and service attributes involved in visitor satisfaction.

Produce a Customer Journey Map by analysing each of the stages, interactions, channels and elements (touchpoints) that a customer goes through from the beginning to the end of the experience offered.

Analyse the assessment/satisfaction with all the touchpoints in the shopping centre by defining critical points and/or priority areas for improvement.

Quantify the key attributes and their importance in order to produce a Key Driver Analysis (KDA) which analyses key factors in each touchpoint and the cross-cutting attributes that anticipate and define threats and opportunities.

Discover real needs and reasonable expectations that are insufficiently met.

Define the attributes involved in establishing synergies between the shopping centre and e-commerce (e.g. are online shopping collection rooms needed? Other services?). As well as services that the centre can provide to operators (or that they can provide) which primarily the visitor can benefit from.