Market Sizing & Understanding Analysis and trends in Aesthetic Medicine in Spain, France and Portugal


Due to the growing demand of the aesthetic medicine market our client needed to know and understand the future potential as well as explore the current market.


An approach based on three consecutive phases was applied. As a preliminary phase, desk research was carried out, complemented by qualitative research of interviews with Key Opinion Leaders in the industry (KOL’s) to study the social and economic impact of aesthetic medicine and define future trends.

In a second phase we used multivariate statistical techniques to understand the brand funnel, the drivers and barriers to selecting treatments and the image and positioning of the different brands from the point of view of medical specialists in aesthetic medicine. 

And for the final phase of the study, an ad hoc quantification with the general public was carried out to assess the use of aesthetic medicine services, to understand the drivers of entry for this market and the barriers.


The penetration of aesthetic medicine in each country (current market) was obtained and the potential market, and for each of the treatments under study.

Global and national trends were defined.

The drivers and barriers for each treatment and brand were assessed; both from the doctor’s and user’s point of view.