Impact of promotions on the doctor and pharmacist target Analysis of the visit, the representative, the materials and the messages


Our client needed to understand and analyse the impact of the visit and promotions for pharmacists in order to improve the quality of the visit and optimise the representative’s relationship with the target.


Quantitative approach using regression, Bayesian and MaxDiff analysis to analyse the main activators that promote doctors’ prescriptions and pharmacists’ recommendations in the category (visit pressure, messages, scientific evidence, samples/products given, direct investment in the prescriber, training, support in the pharmacy, etc.)


Obtained the levels of visit awareness and brand prescription/recommendation.

Defined key aspects of our client’s visit vs. competitive environment in order to optimise the visit and specific aspects of materials.

The key factors of the doctor’s and representative’s visit were assessed, and priorities were established for promotions with both specialist and pharmacist targets.