Image tracking, positioning and positioning engineering of a treatment in Egypt, Nigeria and Senegal


The market for the pathology in question is constantly changing due to new treatments being introduced and the emergence of biosimilars. Our client needed to understand how the new launches would change doctors’ prescribing habits and define how to differentiate their treatments in each country and with the different medical specialties that treat the pathology.


In-depth qualitative study to gain important insights in order to explore the image of the main treatments on the market.
In a second phase we used statistical techniques to understand the image and positioning of each brand. Based on the insights detected, territories and image and positioning attributes were defined, which helped the communication strategy for the new launches and to connect with the prescriber target.

To ensure winning solutions (in terms of communication) in each tracking, tools were developed to simulate the positioning of the treatment with the different messages communicated.


Longitudinal analysis of the evolving image and the positioning of the current range and the changes due to new launches in each country.

Identified the main benefits sought, both on a rational and emotional level, which determine the ideal treatment scenario.

Designed the communication strategy in the short and medium term and implemented the necessary changes to optimise it over time.