Mass Consumption


Identify opportunities for product innovation in Spain, Belgium, Holland and Chile


Our client wanted to conduct a study that would generate insights and identify new opportunities to transform them into value proposals that could be launched onto the market.


A study was conducted with 3 consecutive phases. As a preliminary phase, qualitative research using group dynamics and co-creation processes based on Design Thinking that allowed us to build a roadmap of the brand’s future, defining the next steps over the next 5 years in terms of formats, ranges, new products and future sales channels. An intermediate phase to share the objectives developed, confirm and give value to the concepts extracted to transform them into concepts that could be tested in the final quantitative phase. In this final phase the concepts were screened and the concepts with greater potential were ranked, as well as communication channels with greater impact on KPIs.


Key ideas were identified that can be transformed into value proposals with development potential.

A screening of the main innovations/value proposals to be launched based on increasing the product portfolio and being more competitive.

Our client worked on the winning concepts and developed a new range which was then launched onto the markets and received a great response from the industry.