Mass Consumption


Ideal product configuration in the retail and pharmacy channel in Spain and France


Our client was considering entering a market where it was not present and to do so it needed to fully understand the category and optimise the development and marketing strategies for its product.


A first phase of qualitative analysis to study the market, understand purchase motivations and consumption occasions in the category. A second phase of ad hoc quantification to, based on factors and levels, determine the ideal configuration of the product that the client wanted to launch onto the market, the price, the associated brand and the best format.


Identified the ideal configuration for the client’s new product, the optimal and preferred combination that would maximize their profit.

Impact of price-elasticity on the new product configuration, determining the right price differential compared to the competition.

Our client launched three product configurations (with different factors and levels), which were within the top 5 ranking, which helped it to increase its market share.