Define and build a new viable and alternative shopping centre to its current reality. Co-creation.


The owner of the shopping centre, with high levels of unemployment, needs to produce a Feasibility Plan for a space currently occupied by this shopping centre in order to obtain the necessary funding for the new development.

The approach is aimed at identifying and redefining optimal features to replace its current offer with, at studying and creating a new viable concept, that makes its implementation profitable and that takes into account, among the possible options:

Economic profitability.

The use of the current construction,

The environment.

Its capacity to attract and the lack of cannibalization with other nearby proposals

The ability to get a license.


Phase 01

Create and define concepts.
  1. Trends analysis and obtain insights
  2. Explore basic concepts.
  3. Co-creation.

Phase 02

Quantify permeability
  1. Concept optimization (full conjoint)
  2. Concept test.

Phase 03

Insight, development and adjustment of the winning concept.

Phase 04

Final holistic recommendation.

Phase 05

Consulting in the implementation of the concept.


Understand the development options for the space currently occupied by the shopping centre, defining a viable concept that would satisfy all the previous conditions and that would help to maximise its profitability, which can be capitalised by the owner and defended before financial institutions.

Quantitatively determine the course and potential of these options that maximise permeability (general and by zones) finding the one that optimises both attracting the target and spending, taking into account both the most profitable targets and the location of the project.

SBA estimate that maximises the profitability of the centre, both globally and by sector.

Define the optimum commercial mix: type of stores and suggested signs.

Transform the concept into different traffic scenarios.