Baseline and Segmentation Study of the French Fashion Market


Our client wanted to carry out a market segmentation that would allow it to break into the market and obtain segments of people based on attitudes towards the fashion market, lifestyle and consumer behaviour with the aim of having a unique offer to satisfy each segment and to stand out from competitors.


Quantitative research was carried out using multivariate analysis techniques such as Chi-Squared Automatic Interaction Detector, LOGIT, Hierarchical Cluster analysis, Non-hierarchical Cluster analysis and Homogeneity analysis. The segmentation strategy was established, so that the client can position itself as one of the leading brands in the sector. An analysis was made of the brand’s perception and image within its competitive environment (price, quality, reputation).


The brand carried out a strategy differentiating its strategy according to the segment and became one of the major chains in France.

We worked closely with the communications agency to create an agreed brand model with the aim of providing the brand with a solid proposal.

Communication insights were identified to impact and increase awareness in key segments.