Awareness tracking of companies in Rwanda, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of the Congo


Our client, a leading telecommunications company, wanted to establish a clear and consistent brand positioning by understanding the effectiveness and impact of ads and optimizing communication and messages.


Tracking ad awareness and effectiveness allowed us to assess our client’s advertising campaigns in relation to the benchmark. Multivariate analyses such as Non-hierarchical Cluster analysis, Factorial Correspondence analysis and Discriminant analysis were carried out to define the main Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for each campaign and their evolution.

The research was based on understanding the profile differences between people who remembered hearing the advert and those who did not, analysing the differences in communication assessment when it was based on memory or when it was assessed just after hearing the advert. This approach made it possible to meet pre-test and post-test advertising objectives.


Defined brand attributes and how they can be conveyed through communication and messages.

Recommendations for improvement of the elements that could optimise the assessment of future campaigns.

Quantified the main indicators of each campaign determining levels of success.