Annual trend barometer: Evolution of the main consumer habits and trends.


Annual trend barometer developed for the AECC that analyses the main variables that define the reality of the retail sector based on consumer behaviour and perceptions of the main channels they use to shop: shopping centres, high street stores and online.

It is a study that, in addition to information, reflects on what variables the sector must take into account in order to understand and anticipate the changes that are occurring and will occur over the next few years in consumers, the perception that the different key players in the sector have of them and the decisions that are being taken and should be taken on this matter.


Assessment of decision makers’ current and future situation (qualitative)

Phase 01

Focus group analysis of the perception of retail’s current and future situation in the different areas to be analysed and from all possible perspectives provided by the key players in the sector (marketing, operators, asset management, property management and architecture) of most of the major companies operating in Spain.

Consumer behaviour barometer (quantitative)

Phase 02

Define consumer behaviour patterns and establish new consumption trends based on a quantitative analysis carried out at a national level, taking into account the importance of the geography in Spain, places with more and less than 50,000 inhabitants, gender and aged between 16 and 70 years, obtaining data segmented by at least these variables.



Define the main trends in visitor experience, technological development, design and architecture, humanization of brands, as well as those that define the ideal consumer shopping experience.

Impact and the way in which shopping centres are addressing some of these trends (environmental sustainability, localism, privacy. etc.)

Find out how consumption is evolving with regard to purchase channels (shopping centres, on the high street and online) and future trends, as well as the different level of impact it is having on the different commercial sectors.

Define the barriers that the shopping centre faces against other channels and to what extent the high street or the internet is our main competition.

Discover the KBFs that motivate purchase in the different purchase channels. As well as the positioning territory occupied by each of them.

Specify the strengths and weaknesses of shopping centres as an industry.

Determine how shopping centres are responding to the digital transformation in which the consumer is engrossed.

Define the evolution of the shopping centre towards new consumption concepts.