360º study of touchpoints


Our client, one of the major European fashion companies, wanted a 360º study to examine the three pillars of the company: brand analysis, product analysis and point of sale analysis.


Different qualitative and quantitative phases were carried out. The first phase involved qualitative research with creative focus groups that were accompanied to the point of sale (both the client and its most direct competitors) with the aim of analysing in-store shopping behaviour and seeing how they interacted with elements such as the shopper’s route through the store, selection times for each product category, response to offers and promotions, etc.

Then, in the second phase we quantified the level of awareness and knowledge of the chain, the level of customer satisfaction and its image compared to its most direct competitors.

As a final phase, digital qualitative research was carried out using Lifeshare. An omnichannel platform that allowed us to carry out a longitudinal analysis over time and analyse objectives related to the chain’s marketing and communication.


The actions taken following the results of the study had a direct impact on the position and sales of the client’s brands over their main competitors. The client saw its sales increase after the change in brand strategy.

This project becomes the strategic objective of the entire organisation, redefining its corporate image.