Case studies

Case studies



Perception and Optimization of a 70,000-m2 GLA Shopping Center in Colombia

Situation and main objectives: Due to a fall in customer numbers and low cross-selling within the shopping center, the management company and proprietor of the center wished to conduct a study that allowed them to analyze the key factors behind this situation and the options available to adress the matter.

The information obtained was to be employed to redefine the shopping center’s commercial concept and marketing plan.

Methodology: The approach was based on a first phase using qualitative techniques to ascertain the main deterrents, stumbling blocks and deficiencies in order to build ideas for the shopping center’s optimum future development, counteracting possible visit restrictions, generating positive attitudes and boosting its future attraction.
The second phase was based on quantitative research to maximize the influx of customers and spending at the shopping centers, analyzing visitor clusters based on the most discriminate variables from the point of view of marketing and commerce, using techniques such as a Non-Hierarchical Cluster Analysis in order to group and classify visitors into homogeneous segments, a Discriminant Analysis in order to evaluate the statistical goodness of fit of each segment and to select the variables that determine the profile of each segment, and an Allocation Analysis in order to create a tool that could later be used by the client to classify any person under the operational segment that has been obtained from the market. Moreover, it was important to examine the inhabitants of each shopping center’s sphere of influence, analysing their buying habits, satisfaction, image and positioning to define the optimal marketing mix strategy.


  • Definition of strategic market segmentation, taking attitudinal variables into account.
  • Detection of a strong absence of identity and own brand: brand positioning devoid of attributes based on rationality and influenced by the main operators’ personality.
  • Loss of cross-selling due to the high heterogeneity of the supply mix offered.
  • Recommendations for emotional drivers that enhance a strong own belonging brand feeling: architecture, green and rest areas and customer services.