Case Studies healthcare 3

Case Studies healthcare 3


Satisfaction – Matrix of strategic priorities

Level of satisfaction with laboratories

Situation and main objectives: To measure pharmacists’ satisfaction with the laboratory in the commercial sphere (products, services, tools, payment terms, etc.) in order to diagnose the strategies required to increase loyalty and to improve the positioning of the client laboratory’s brands in pharmacies.

Methodology: By using multivariable analysis techniques based on Bayesian statistics to identify the importance and priority of each specific satisfaction attribute in an indirect manner, we quantified the strengths and weaknesses of the products/services/commercial terms and conditions/etc. of both the client laboratory and the competition in order to make the client stand out and to anticipate possible ‘problems’ of dissatisfaction with the laboratory.


  • Determination of the Quality of Service Index and the Loyalty Indicators that make it possible to compare the laboratory in question and its competitors.
  • Redefinition of future strategies intended to increase pharmacists’ loyalty.
  • Identification of attitudinal aspects that have greatest influence on pharmacists’ level of satisfaction.
  • Development of commercial strategies to boost the client laboratory’s relationship with target pharmacists in the Consumer Care category.