Case studies

Case studies



Ideal Shopping Experience in a Perfumery Chain in Spain and Brazil

Situation and main objectives: Our client, a manufacturer of premium perfume brands, needed to improve the relationship with distributors and optimize the location of their brands in the point of sale. The main objective of the research was to conduct an in-depth analysis of the shopping experience in the perfumery chain in order to determine the key factors that would help the perfumery to boost its sales and, consequently, our client’s brands.

Methodology: In-depth qualitative analysis using ethnographic immersion techniques to analyse the experience and practices of the fragrance buyer at the point of sale and identifying consumer needs to facilitate the development of new opportunities. In an intermediate stage, a creative workshop was conducted to examine the insights obtained in the previous phase and turn them into new concepts for testing in the subsequent quantitative phase. The final stage of ad-hoc quantification determined the elements that structured the shopping experience, quantifying the potential of new concepts to generate an ideal shopping experience.


  • The client could assess the perfumery chain on the basis of the features of the point of sale: access, music and sound, buying facilities, portfolio of brands, point-of-sale advertising, displays, stands, promotions, prices, after-sales services, packaging, etc. These actions exerted a direct impact on the position and sales of the client’s brands in the perfumery.
  • Optimization of the location of our client’s brands in the perfumery chain and an average increase of 22% in sales thereof.