Case Studies healthcare

Case Studies healthcare


Image and Positioning

Tracking of Image, Positioning and Positioning Engineering of a Treatment in Egypt, Nigeria and Senegal

Situation and main goals: The pathology market in question is constantly evolving due to the introduction of new treatments and the recent emergence of biosimilars. Our client needed to gain an understanding of how new launches would alter physicians’ prescription habits, as well as to ascertain what approach to adopt in order to position and set their treatments apart in each country and with the different specialties that treat the condition.

Methodology: In-depth qualitative analysis to gain relevant insights to determine the image of the main treatments on the market.

In the second phase, statistical techniques were employed to understand the brand image and positioning. On the basis of the insights gained, territories as well as image and positioning attributes, were defined that were conducive to the communication strategy of new launches and to connecting with the target prescriber.

To ensure successful solutions (in terms of communication), simulation tools were developed in each tracking wave that allowed the positioning to be achieved by the treatment through the different messages conveyed to be simulated.


  • Longitudinal analysis of the image’s evolution and the positioning of the current supply and changes due to new launches in each country.
  • Identification of the main benefits sought, both rationally and emotionally, which determine the treatment’s ideal scenario.
  • Design of the communication strategy in the short and medium term, and implementation of the changes required for its optimization over time.