Banking Case Studies

Banking Case Studies




Development of an Ongoing Evaluation Model for a Financial Institution

Situation and main goals: To develop an ongoing evaluation model of the service quality to assess the degree of strategic and tactical adjustment to the needs and expectations of the institution’s clients, companies and individuals (in Spain and for its international services in Morocco). To identify strengths and weaknesses in the service quality so as to determine the main courses of action to significantly boost the degree of satisfaction with the institution.

Methodology: A quantitative approach was employed to develop a statistical-mathematical model based on multiple regression that allowed the degree of overall satisfaction, the main aspects of loyalty to the institution and the importance and priority of all the aspects analyzed (indirectly) to be explained.


  • Detection of the institution’s strengths and weaknesses through the SWOT analysis of strategic priorities.
  • Creation of a quality handbook in terms of marketing and customer service.
  • Design of business strategies based on the aspects that individuals and companies most value.
  • Ongoing training of the client’s strategic points of contact with the banking institution.