What is Retail

What is Retail?

It constitutes the absolute specialization in strategic research and marketing solutions aimed at adding brand value in the field of market distribution and commercial real estate in general, and specifically for shopping centers, recreational centers, factory outlets, real estate agencies and chains, franchises, supermarket chains, etc.

Our services use strategic market research as a basis on which to build and, where appropriate, to implement a solution tailored to each individual issue and need, always providing the necessary information and reflection that allow the best decisions to be made at all times.

Market Research

Our market research services seek to determine where and how to invest in order to afford greater value to the brand and to make our clients’ decisions more profitable even before laying the project’s first stone.

Shopping centers

The annual study of more than 50% of GLA (Gross Leasable Area) in Spain and Portugal allowed us to develop a benchmark index, which is one-of-a-kind in the sector, and to conduct a more in-depth and realistic analysis of the shopping center’s current situation, its strengths and weaknesses and the sectors with the greatest potential in order to determine those variables in which we should invest.

Urban shopping centres

Changes in buying habits, the evolution and emergence of new marketing formulae and the need to adapt and bring together business in the city have made us adapt our research tools in the pursuit of solutions to the emerging needs in opening an urban shopping center.


A constantly evolving sector, which faces the challenges of an increasingly atomised, competitive and changing market, calls for tools that allow the retailer to steer the course of their decisions in the right direction.


Our consulting services are aimed at defining and building the buying experience the customer demands and allowing a different and sustainable positioning for the brand to be established.