What is Healthcare

About Hamilton Healthcare

The Hamilton Healthcare division specialises in supplying research and marketing solutions in the pharmaceutical and health sector. We have a team of expert staff dedicated to generating knowledge concerning the behaviour, attitudes and motivations of the various stakeholders in the health sector. We add value for pharmaceutical laboratories by providing insights and useful, practical information to support intelligent decision-making, thereby helping companies to improve their position in the market.

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to understand our clients in order to offer intelligent and innovative, 100% ad hoc solutions adapted to their needs throughout the entire product lifecycle: pipeline, pre-launch, post-launch and protection/defence.

Our Experience

Thanks to our extensive background in (international) pharmaceutical marketing, we have wide-ranging experience in the health field:

• Hospital – Hospital Pharmacy
• Prescription Medicines
• Biotechnology
• Consumer Healthcare
• Animal Health
• Medical Devices
• Diagnostics

Analysing the various players:

• Decision-makers / Payers
• General Medicine and Specialists
• Pharmacists and pharmacy staff
• Patients / Consumers
• Carers

In various therapeutic areas:

Prescription areas

• Cardiovascular
• Critical care
• Dermatology
• Pain and inflammation
• Auto-immune diseases
• Infectious diseases
• Rare diseases
• Gastrointestinal
• Haematology
• Metabolism and Endocrinology
• Musculoskeletal
• Ophthalmology
• Oncology
• Respiratory disorders and Allergies
• Women’s Health
• Central Nervous System
• Mineral supplements
• Thrombosis
• Urology
• Vaccines

Consumer health

• Anti-allergens and antihistamines
• Weight-loss drugs
• Antacids
• Flu medication
• Head-lice treatments and mosquito repellents
• Cough medication
• Oral hygiene
• Skincare and protection
• Dermocosmetics
• Nasal decongestion
• Ophthalmological decongestion
• Pain
• Feminine / intimate hygiene
• Sleep-inducing medication
• Laxatives
• Mucolytics
• Nutricosmetics
• Vitamins