What is Hamilton?

Hamilton is a market research consulting company with extensive international experience across a multitude of sectors. Hamilton provides holistic, research-based marketing solutions and a strategic market perspective. Specializing in helping businesses compile, structure and analyse data.

We help companies build their brands and foster the sustainable growth using strategic market research.

We provide insight, useful and practical information for decision-making. Our overarching goal is to provide strategic thinking knowledge management. We transform information into knowledge.

Why Hamilton?

Strategy is our mission, results are our vision

A holistic view of the market coupled with consultants involved in an ongoing innovative process attuned to each client’s real situation, as well as a wealth of experience in a broad range of sectors, allows us to address every project and need from a strategic perspective with a focus on the useful and practical interpretation of the sought-after results. Hamilton is 100% ad-hoc.

Beyond the PowerPoint

Our involvement extends beyond a mere PowerPoint presentation. We know what it means to be “on the other side of the table”.

Constantly evolving

Hamilton has undertaken more than 2,500 projects over the last 15 years, having earned more than 90% customer loyalty. We employ innovative research techniques such as adaptive and menu-based conjoint analysis, positioning engineering and qualitative digital platforms. We adapt each and every technique and methodology to each project: open-source research.

Hamilton develops projects in over 40 countries